Imatra Elekter AS has a long history – its parent company was founded in 1928. The experience in the open electricity market reaches as far as 1998 when the Finnish electricity market was opened. The company has operated in Estonia for 20 years under different names.

Long-term experience in the field of energy has given us skills and knowledge for providing better services to our clients.

Flexible products

We prepared our product range in cooperation with our clients. We believe that bilateral communication guarantees that our clients will have packages that precisely satisfy their needs. Our product selection is never final – it is constantly being developed.

The prices of our packages are competitive and contract terms are flexible.

Environmental sustainability

It is important for us to use resources efficiently, care for people and act for a better and cleaner living environment. In our activity we use solutions that enable us to significantly reduce the negative impact on the environment.

We have prepared our product range so that we can offer consumers electric power that comes from renewable energy sources to the greatest extent possible.

In addition, we offer our clients energy efficiency tips that help the consumers to regulate their energy consumption better.

Customer service

The company’s staff are committed to providing professional customer service. Efficient teamwork enables us to offer our clients fast and flexible solutions.

Saving time

Our client-friendly self-service enables clients to save time as much as possible. Clients can choose a suitable package in self service, enter into contracts, view their consumption history, etc.

In the event of problems, our network clients can always get information about the network service as well as electricity sales.


Piece of mind

The main objective of Imatra Elekter AS is to be a reliable partner and provide high quality network service to our clients in the Lääne County and Viimsi Rural Municipality. We have set the aim of reducing the number of failures in our power network.