First you must ascertain your consumption and what the percentage of electricity bills is in your family’s total expenditure, taking into account only the electric energy part, i.e. 1/3 of the whole bill. You can then proceed to choose a suitable pricing option: a fixed price or a changing price. The easiest way to select a suitable package is to visit the website of Imatra Elekter AS ( ) and enter our self-service system with Estonian ID card for effortless conclusion of a new contract. You can also perform all the actions at our customer service offices in Viimsi and Lääne County. You can conclude a new electricity contact with us starting from late October. Also You can conclude contract by writing to us on e-mail:

Which dates should i bear in mind?

The most important date to remember is 1 January 2013 – the day when the electricity market becomes open. For you to be able to begin using a free market package (PERMANENT, PRECISE, etc.) in January, you must conclude a new contract by no later than 31.12.2012. General logic for conluding electricity contract is described in the Electricity Market Act and it is following: when switching over to another electricity seller the corresponding new electricity contract must be concluded at least 21 days before the start of the desired delivery period. You should also bear in mind that all service provider switchovers come into effect at the start of the next calendar month. For instance, let us assume that you wish to start using a free market package from 1 March 2013. You must therefore conclude your new contract with Imatra Elekter AS by no later than 07.02.2013. If you do it on 08.02.2012, the contract start date would be 01.04.2013.

Who can conclude contracts?

Contracts in the context of the open electricity market can be concluded by those consumers in whose name an active network contract exists as of the moment of conclusion of the new electricity contract. Residents of apartment buildings should remember: if you are currently paying the apartment association for your electricity, the arrangement will remain unchanged next year and you cannot conclude a personal electricity contract. Important thing for foreigner citizen is to take identification document with You, when coming to out Office or sending e-mail. We need Your document number to create Your EIC code.

Where i can get more information?

The best way to get information is to write an e-mail to us: We will certainly notify our consumers via mass media channels. In the meantime you should still visit our website as we are constantly updating it with information about.