From 1 of  January 2019, Imatra Elekter AS will send to Elektrilevi household customers combained bills for both network services and electricity. Business customers will receive two separate bills – one from Elektrilevi and other from Imatra Elekter


Combained billing FAQ


  • Who will get the combained bill? This concerns only costumers in the Elektrilevi electricity network. Other network companies (Loo, VKG, etc.) customers must still pay two bills.
  • When combained bill will come? The first combained bills are issued in February for the Januarys consumption. Billing will always take place once a month, and we will do our best to try to send the bills during the first seven days of next month. If Your contract ends in the middle of the month, You will get final bill early next month.
  • What will happen with meters and readings? In this issue, there will be no changes. The meters are still Your network company assets and their maintenance, etc. is responsible of Your network company. For all issues related to the meters, you must turn to Elektrilevi.
  • What does combained bill is not? Combained bill concerns only billing service. All other issues related to the network service (connections, network service packages, technical issues) must still be submitted to Elektrilevi.
  • How can I pay my bills? Bills can be paid with the same bank references which You have today for our electricity bill. If you want e-invoice or an automatic payment contarct, then our billing reference number is Your contract number. Bills can always be paid comfortably in our selfservice.
  • I have question regarding to network service bill? This is the place where we can help you. In all the network service bill issues, we kindly ask You to contact us.
  • Where can I see my bills and consumption history? Both bills and consumption data are available in our self service.
  • How can I change my network package? To this end, You should contact Elektrilevi.
  • What happens if some of my consumption places are in Elektrilevi network and some are not? If other consumption places are not in the Imatra network, then for these consumption places You will receive two invoices. One from us and second from Your network company.
  • What should I do in a case of power outage? In this case, please contact the Elektrilevi by phone 1343
  • How the electricity supplier will get all the data for network service billing? All the necessary data is sent to us by Your network company with autmatic interface via Data hub.


Elektrilevi contacts


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Report a power outage 24h by calling 1343