A micro producer is a producer whose production device’s rated current/phase does not exceed 25A either in single or three-phase 230/400 V low voltage network.

In the event of several production devices, the total phase current of these in the connection point cannot exceed 25 amps.

A micro producer is thus a three-phase production device or a group of devices the power of which does not exceed 15 kW per connection point or a single-phase 5 kW production device.

In order to connect your micro production device with our network you must do a simple and quick procedure:

Choosing production device according to standard  EVS-EN 50438:2013

Submitting application for subscription

Techical documentation of device

Device certificate

  Issuing technical conditions and subscription price offer
Installing device and preparation of as-built drawing
  Check-up, setting and testingEntering into subscription contractSubmitting invoice for connection work (pursuant to price offer)
Paying subscription invoice  
  Electrical work of network connection and installation of dual mode electricity meter
Taking meter into use and submitting compliance notice for electrical installation
Entering into open supply contract (buying necessary electricity and selling surplus electricity)


Once you have successfully connected your micro production device to the network, we recommend entering into an electricity sales contract, which ensures that we will buy your surplus electricity. This way you can take maximum advantage of your micro production device

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If you wish more information about and a price offer for the electric power bought back, please send an e-mail to: elekter@imatraelekter.ee