EKOenergy is a PERMANENT and PRECISE additional option for electricity packages: we guarantee that the amounts of electricity consumed by you will be purchased from renewable sources of electric power. You will also get the corresponding certificate from us. Once you have choose EKOenergy, you can use its logo on your products and services to add value to them. EKOenergy allows electricity consumers to contribute to the development of a sustainable living environment. Those who make choose EKOenergy help us reduce atmospheric emissions of exhaust gases. It is also an excellent opportunity to participate in the strengthening of the renewable energy sector in Nordic countries, thus ensuring reliable electricity supplies in the future.


Package “Permanent” Prices

12 month contract


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Package “Precise” Prices

Open ended contract


Price, c/kWh
NPS + 0.39

NPS / Calculated on the basis of Nord Pool Spot exchange EE price area hourly prices
All prices incl. VAT

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