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Maximum future certainty

In the PERMANENT package your electric energy price is fixed for a certain sales period. Imatra Elekter AS offers its clients 12-month fixed-price contracts. For this package you can also choose two-tariff pricing. The PERMANENT package is also available in its green energy version and to those choosing the latter option we guarantee that all your electricity will be from renewable energy sources. This package is designed primarily for those consumers whose electricity bills comprise a major part of their expenditure.


  • There is no need for you to worry about electric energy price fluctuations. Your electricity price will not change for the duration of the sales period
  • You can make precise budget estimates because you know the electricity price in advance
  • You are not affected by the Nord Pool Spot exchange’s price peaking. This is especially important for users of electric heating because in the winter months the exchange price can be much higher

You should note that You cannot benefit from price drops on the Nord Pool Spot exchange.


Contract lenght 12 months

Gray electricity

Base tariff

Day tariff

Night tariff

Bussiness costumer will be charged for early termination fee 1,8 s/kWh for estimated consumption.

All prices are c/kWh and incl. VAT

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