Universal service prices

The prices of the general and universal service in the network area of Imatra Elekter AS in May are as follows:

  Price excluding VAT, c/kWh  Price including VAT, c/kWh 
Base rate for general service 8,571 10,457
Daytime rate for general service 10,001 12,201
Nighttime rate for general service 7,456 9,096
Household customer of universal service 17,070 20,825
Business customer of universal service 17,070 20,825

The calculation of the general service price is available here.

Business customers whose main fuse exceeds 63 A at low or medium voltage (except apartment associations) and who have not chosen an electricity seller will be sold electricity on the basis of the balancing energy price.

In May the margin of Imatra Elekter AS added to the balancing energy price is 1,091 c/kWh (excl. VAT).

More about balance energy You can read here.

Imatra Elekter to reduce network fees by 7.4%

Imatra Elekter will reduce network fees by an average of 7.4% and the change will enter into force from 1 December 2023.

The reduction of network charges was possible thanks to the declining trend in electricity prices in the last period and, unlike last year, the situation on the electricity market has stabilised somewhat. The share of the cost of purchasing electricity necessary for the provision of the network service will decrease from the current 32% to 15% of all input costs related to the provision of the network service.

The lowering of the network fees also took into account the changes in the operating costs necessary for the maintenance of the network and the elimination of breakdowns, which had remained unchanged in the network fees since 2019. The cost of maintaining and repairing the power grid has increased 2.4 times over this five-year period.

The network fees valid from 1 December 2023 can be found on the website of Imatra Elekter AS.