Universal service prices

Universal service prices were in May following:  

Tariff Price excl. VAT c/kWh Price incl. VAT c/kWh
 Base tariff 6,022 7,226
 Day tariff 7,427 8,912
 Night tariff 4,723 5,668

Detailed calculation of prices for the universal service You find here


If you are a business customer and the power of the main fuse in your place of consumption exceeds 63A (except KÜ) and You have not chosen the electricity supplier, then You will charged with balancing electricity cost.

In May, the added marginal for balancing electricity is 0,808 c/kWh (excl. VAT).


More about balance energy You can read here.

Prices for package Precise

In May, the prices of package Precise were following:

Price  excl. VAT c/kWh  Price incl. VAT    c/kWh 
 Base tariff 4,941 5,93
 Day tariff 6,462 7,75
 Night tariff 3,715 4,46

* Prices are without sales margin, which is marked in contract.

Changes in office work

Imatra Elekter AS offices will are closed to customers to prevent the spread of coronavirus.


Please contact us with customer questions through the following contacts:

Customer Service:


Phone: 715 0180 or 606 1840

e-mail: klienditeenindus@imatraelekter.ee

Self-service: https://iseteenindus.imatraelekter.ee