Imatra Elekter AS services price list

Price list is valid only in Imatra Elekter AS network region from 01 January 2018

Service Unit Price excl. VAT Price incl. VAT
Contract amendment fee* €/pc 2,54 3,05
Various works with metering systems and main circuit breakers €/pc 19,05 22,86
Switching off consumption site at metering point €/pc 20,79 24,95
Re-energisation of consumption site at metering point €/pc 19,03 22,84
Switching off consumption site at power line €/pc 64,13 76,96
Re-energisation at power line €/pc 62,06 74,47
Call-out without reason €/pc 14,48 17,38
Sealing electrical installation at the request of the client €/pc 11,28 13,54
Statement of payments made €/pc 2,00 2,40
Statement of invoices €/pc 2,00 2,40
Issuing duplicate invoice at the request of the client €/pc 1,55 1,86
Notice of electric power consumption to apartment building €/pc 6,02 7,22

*Customer has right to change  package free of charge once in a 12 months