Electricity price depends on the client’s choice.

Clients of Imatra Elekter AS can choose between different network service price packages (products) in order to balance their expenses on electricity better.

Upon buying electricity we must consider that we consume two products at the same time: electricity and its supply or the network connection.

Clients must analyse their prior consumption in order to know what kind of price package to choose. For that you must know the quantity of electric power consumed in a year, the proportion of daily tariff in the electric power consumed when using time tariff, the size of the main circuit breaker in amps and whether it is a single-phase or a three-phase connection.

The first and most certain choice is the price package Partner 24, which is basic tariff. The price of one kilowatt of electricity is the same all the time. This price package is suitable for small, medium or seasonal domestic consumers. For the rest of the packages, the price of electricity depends on more than one price component.

With the second package is called Partner 12/12, it is possible to use time tariff, where daytime tariff (higher price) is used on weekdays (winter time from 7AM to 23PM and on summer time  from 8AM to 24 PM) and nighttime tariff is used on weekdays (winter time from 23PM to 7AM and on summer time  from 24PM to 8AM) and all the time on weekends.

The third price package is Partner 24 Pluss, which consists of a basic tariff and a standing charge. This price package is suitable for those who consume rather much, but do not heat with electricity and whose main circuit breaker at the consumption site has been optimised.

The fourth price package is called Partner 12/12 Pluss. This consists of time tariff plus standing charge and is suitable for clients who use electric heating. The rule “the more you consume, the lower the price” applies for this price package.

The above choices are conditional. The right result can be derived when considering the specific situation and conditions upon calculation and comparison. For choosing the best package, please use our calculator:


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Package price incl. VAT (eur)
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 * On electricity bill consumers also have electricity and tax components, like renewable energy fee and  electricity excise.