We can add to our Network only these consumption places which are located in our operating area (Läänemaa ja Viimsi vald).  We charge a fee for connecting to the power Network. In the following tabel You can find our prices.

                          Price list from 01.01.2019 (incl. VAT)
In fixed tariff area  Outside of fixed tariff area
 Price, €/Amp Price, €/Amp 
 New connection  75,60  calculated on the basis of actual expenses
Increasing the amperage of a main fuse  75,60  calculated on the basis of actual expenses
Changing to a three-phase connection: 36,00  calculated on the basis of actual expenses


To connect your place of consumption to the power network, you will have to submit a connection application so that we can sign a connection contract with You.

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Notification about the conformity with the requirements of an electrical installation

The electrical contractor selected by the connected party is responsible for all the work completed by the contractor; however, the responsibility for the conformity with the requirements of the electrical installation remains with the possessor thereof, who also decides, when the electrical installation should be energized. For this reason, it is the responsibility of the possessors of electrical installations laid down by the Electrical Safety Act to submit to the electrical contractor, in whose territory the electrical installation is located, a statement about the conformity with the requirements of the electrical installation.   The submission of the statement presumes that the initial verification, and according to the necessity, the conformity assessment and certification of the electrical installation has been performed. The statement shall be in conformity with the Electrical Safety Act (15.02.2007).   By submitting the statement, the possessor declares that the electrical installation in their possession is ready for energizing. With this, the possessor takes the responsibility for the losses that may occur upon the energizing. The network contractor shall check whether all the necessary data is presented in the statement and that the control operations corresponding to the type of the electrical installation have been performed.

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