Maximum simplicity for consumers


The universal service is essentially a state-regulated general service designed for small consumers to ensure their right to purchase electric energy at a price that is reasonable, justified and compliant with the principle of equal treatment. Small consumers are home consumers, apartments associations, societies of apartment owners and business consumers with a main fuse of up to 63 A. Only your network enterprise can provide the general service. Imatra Elekter AS is the network enterprise in Lääne County and in Viimsi. We cannot provide it elsewhere in Estonia.

If you are unable or unwilling to choose a free market package then you will automatically remain a consumer of the general service. There is no need for you to conclude a separate electricity contract for general service provision. Only your network enterprise can offer you the general service.

The price of the general service is derived as a weighted average from the hourly volumes of the electricity sold via the general service and of the hourly electricity prices at the Nord Pool Spot exchange, with the network enterprise having the right to add its mark-up. If you don’t have a meter with hourly recording, your hourly consumption will be calculated based on the typical loads pattern.

The general service is unavailable to business consumers with a main fuse of over 63 A. Such consumers, if they fail to conclude a contract to use a free market package, must begin purchasing electricity on the basis of the balance energy price and this price is usually higher than the Nord Pool Spot exchange price.

You can switch over from the general service to any free market package subject to giving notice 21 days in advance. No sanctions are applicable.